Submissions Now Open for the 2013 Pakistan StartUp Cup!


  1. I have a question, i have a business model. But its all stored in my mind and i have to develop it in wirting inorder to participate in contest. My question is… do i need to attach complete professional proposal here , or i just get registered first and later on if i am qualified than i can submit complete plan. Looking forward.

    • You can submit your idea via submission form available on website. No written porposals are required at this stage. I selected, we will be working with you to develop you bsuiness model.

  2. I have a question, I wants to submit a business plan, Is it possible that we submit a plan through a company but the team members may not be part of company. Mean they are not in directors/members of company but they are in management team of business plan. Is it possible

    • Shazia,

      I did not quite clearly get your question.

      You do not have to have registerted company to apply for the competition. However, if you are applying on behalf of a company than all members should be associated in any capacity with the company.

      TiE Team

  3. I have a question, I have a business idea in my mind that i would to to bring inn to the competition.
    I want to know if it is necessary to come up with a complete team at this stage.
    I have the idea about the people who would be a part of this idea to practicalize it but is it necessary to mention at this stage?

  4. It is mentioned “Please abide by the word count limitation. Entries which exceed this word count will be disqualified.”
    What are you talking about ? 200 Words limit or 200 characters limit?

  5. I want to know that, I have missed this year deadline but is there a way out and if not!

    Will this be back next year and what are the entry charges?

    Syed Hareem ul Hasan

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